Cultural and creative industries, particularly those based on digital, online, performative media and their possible combinations, are embedded in industrial processes of massive and international scale for value creation. From the point of view of cultural management, its development has important challenges in its various phases: conception, creation, production, training, dissemination, consumption and conservation; related to different conceptual axes: artistic > expressive, scientific > technological, political > legislative and financial > administrative, to name just a few. These aspects, according to specific creative labor, result in purposes whether artistic, commercial and / or social.

The challenges being faced by those who want to make a living out the creative and cultural industries are pretty much the same from those faced by other more traditional artistic expressions such as performing arts, music, literature or visual arts. In this framework, it is essential to analyze, understand and redirect on the problems, needs, potentials, tendencies and agents of these fields, as well as to recognize the management models that have guided them in Mexico and other countries.